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Steam Generator Degradation Database

Steam Generator Degradation Database (SGDD Version 7.3)

Welcome to the EPRI Steam Generator Degradation Database (SGDD). SGDD is a vehicle to collect, store and report relevant steam generator information.

To access SGDD, you must first have an EPRIWeb User Name and Password. To request an EPRIWeb User Name and Password, click here.

Questions about accessing SGDD or using SGDD should be directed to an EPRI SGDD Project Manager(s):

  • Brent Capell via email: bcapell@epri.com or by phone at: 704 595-2948
  • Sean Kil via email at: skil@epri.com or by phone at: 704 595-2992

Registered SGDD users can access the application by clicking here  to login.

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